Exhibition at Golden Hands Gallery in Hambourg.


Photo recap from the big opening of the exhibition by MOSES & TAPS™ at Golden Hands Gallery in Hamburg. The Grifters Journal had the pleasure to attend the opening reception/vernissage of the iconic show by the most wanted Graffiti artists.

Even with the challenging big expectations and strong media presence, the show “CORPORATE IDENTITY” surprised the public of more than 1000 people, who attended the opening.

The Gallery wisely separated the public in two different days and the crowd of Collectors, Journalists and Fans was handled with an ease, that gave to everyone the quality time and experience needed to enjoy the masterpieces, that had red dots already before the opening.

Well played ™!

So far the best show we have witnessed.


Coming up #INFLVENCERS interview with Christoph Tornow, the owner of Golden Hands Gallery.

Meanwhile you can read the interview with MOSES & TAPS™ in one of the biggest newspapers of Hamburg – Abendblatt (German Only)

Show will be on display until 10 June 2016



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