is a daily news feed delivered to you by the The Grifters, who have been active commentators on lifestyle journalism for close to a decade. Their ability to document and deliver information with a uniquely humorous and ironically philosophical point of view, has brought The Grifters to be internationally renowned and respected as a brand. What originally began as a photoblog that published an alternate point of view on forbidden subcultures, has evolved and transitioned from its incarnation on different social networks and blogging platforms into what is presented to you today:

A carefully curated daily feed, gathered from a select pool of top notch writers and photographers, including an assortment of the world’s most controversial artists, that work together to distribute original and exclusive content.

T.G. Journal is part of THE GRIFTERS project, along with the The Grifters Apparel & The Grifters Publishing.

Structure of The Grifters company. The Grifters Publishing, The Grifters Apparel and The Grifters Journal