16 June – 16 July 2016


For the first time in Zurich the Kolly Gallery presents a solo exhibition of the German artist collective MOSES & TAPS™. The exhibition takes place from June 16 to July 16, 2016 at Kolly Gallery in Zurich. The artist MOSES & TAPS™ are currently on everyone’s lips. Their exhibition in Zurich is called EUROPE™. It is a contemporary yet timeless exhibition, which is a clever combination of independent individual items building up to a whole work of art. The exhibition called EUROPE™ is also a continuation of FLICKWERK™ series. EUROPE™ is not only an exhibition title but also a statement. Therefore interpretation should be on the eye of the beholder. Regarding this fact MOSES & TAPS™ stick to French philosopher Bernard-Herne Levy’s statement: “Europe is not a place but an idea.”

Kolly Gallery, Seefeldstrasse 56 8008 Zurich


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About The Author

Boris is a Parisian based director, visual artist & curator. He is mostly known for founding the internet graffiti phenomenon The Grifters Journal and later with his alter ego Good Guy Boris, which shot him to popularity thanks to the success of a series of web video travelogues entitled Grifters Code. Instagram @goodguyboris