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THANK YOU GUYS! Thank you for being together with me the last 2 weeks. Thank you for all the support & the love you gave. The comments, the likes, the DM’s, the fanart and memes you sent. #LiveBoris is now over. – It was an amazing experience for me and i hope you enjoyed the show, as much as i did. TOGETHER WE WROTE HISTORY. Thanks to everybody in Athens who supported and interacted with me on the streets. This people made the show what it is. – The biggest thanks goes to my assistant, who filmed all LIVEs and photographed and documented the whole process, fearlessly. Many people are able to hold a camera, to film and take pictures, but not many are able to hold it still, when faced a problem or the stress of authorities and angry pedestrians. Huge respect to assichtentchki for capturing everything and making the show possible. Without assichtentchki, there wont be #BorisLive. – The project took more than month of actions, if you followed the lives before the shows pilot you saw me painting in broad-day light in the center of Athens, being arrested, graffiti shamed and in the middle of different funny situations. Graffiti lifestyle, 100% raw and uncut. – What is left are the great memories, great experiences and great people we met. Thank you all. – All is to be written and shown in the book. – I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YOUR feedback in the comments. It would me the world to me to know what YOU guys felt about the whole show.

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The complete story & documentation of “LIVE BORIS” – Graffiti Reality Show, following the life and the adventures of Good Guy Boris, broadcasted LIVE! on social media. A selection of unpublished high-quality photography, graffiti, artworks, screenshots, direct messages, fan-art and text. The full and untold story behind the creation, execution and termination of #LiveBoris, written by the Good Guy Boris. The book collects and exposes the link between the three points of view, interacting in the project: The protagonist and the audience. 

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Size: 26 x 20 cm / 10.2 x 7.8 Inch
Edition: Time-limited collector edition. Signed and numbered by the artist.
Pages: 300 color pages.
Cover: Softcover.
Print: Offset Lithography on 150 gr. paper.
Text Language: English



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About The Author

Boris is a Parisian based director, visual artist & curator. He is mostly known for founding the internet graffiti phenomenon The Grifters Journal and later with his alter ego Good Guy Boris, which shot him to popularity thanks to the success of a series of web video travelogues entitled Grifters Code. Instagram @goodguyboris